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you're watching the station that works for you. now abc2 news at 11. this would be something that she would love, and now she has it. >> from this day forward it would always be called the field of love. how we remember the life of yeardley love. >> now what you'd expect to see in new york city a tornado, not one but two. we'll show you where the wicked weather blew through. >> groupon once an e-commerce giant but a lot of you are putting pressure on group on to perform better. >> you could find yeardley love out in the bark yard playing lacrosse. >> she was so good she got to play at virginia, but sadly that's where she died. you already know that part of the story. in tonight's story cheyrl conner tells us about how we will remember her life. >> and it now holds the big letters yeardley love field. you can't miss the name, the new turf and the passion of
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love's biggest fans. >> every walk on to the field will be a win. yeardley love's name is on new turf. it's a new dame for notre dame and her family. >> it's something positive to focus on and to work on. it really pulled us up and got us going and got us out every day. >> love played lacrosse and field hockey behind the building of note dam press before going where on to uva where she was killed by an ex- boyfriend. athletes playing on new turf competing on an equal field. >> many of us remember when the field was a barely regulation size strip of grass right over there surrounded completely by woods. no bathrooms, no scoreboard and to be honest not much grass. >> it took 18 months of planning and $1.2 million in donations by the one love foundation.
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mvp and the bower foundation. >> when people ban together we can turn misfortune into opportunity and, all of you have succeeded many n doing that. >> view soccer, field hockey and lacrosse athletes will play every year. >> it's so much better. it's better running, better like -- it just helps so much. changing directions. >> love's mother sharon and sister blessed the field as they listened to the kind words. >> on many occasions i listened to her disarm the catty conversation with simple positive words. >> this field of love is now the future field of dreams. >> i think the field is such a great tribute to yards. sports brought out so many memorable characteristics, her fun loving personality, dedication, loyalty and compassion for others whether they were on her team or not. >> yeardley love's mom and sisters say they will be out at
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games and will take the story to a national audience when an interview on katie airs later this month. cheyrl conner abc2 news. it was quite a moment yesterday at m&t bank stadium. you walked in to pay your respects to art modell, and the family was there shakes your hand thanking you for your support. well over 3,000 fans came out to say goodbye and that can art for bringing football back to baltimore. even got a chance to rub lombardi trophy. a moment of silence was offered before games today. modell dies on thursday at the age of 87. >> anyone in the world wonders why this is the best football city in the world, all they had to do was be here today. >> absolutely. and modell's funeral will be on tuesday at 11 a.m. ironically it is on the 10th 10th anniversary of johnny you's passing. the funeral will not be open to the public in pikesville.
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roger georgia dell, ray lewis, david and john modell will speak. the ravens are dedicating this season to art modell who will be honored tomorrow night in a pregame ceremony. the champ made a surprise visit to the future champs, muhammad ali's in town raising money for his charity, and he was introduced by the team by coach what are baa's dad jack. at the present jack. now what's my name. >> we remembers. >> and that was the battle cry for the ravens. police officer charles armetta is dead, strange accident here. the k-9 officer fell 47 feet to his death off an elevated exit ramp on 95 saturday morning. witnesses say that the 29-year- old was on a party bus with friends returning from a trip to washington d. c. when it pulled over for an unknown will be. and while police say it appears to be a tragic accident they're going to continue to
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investigate to determine wiley why the bussed pulled over. a bicyclist was struck and killed. the 27-year-old was sitting in the middle of right lane drive after falling off of his bike. according to police leonard was then hit by an oldsmobile cut lass traveling north on right wing. the driver stayed at the scene. and a man is killed and ten people injured after a bus -- a car slammed into a bud bust in glen glen burnie. 27-year-old marcus anderson died when his lincoln sedan crossed the center line on 8th avenue just west of queen highway and hit an mta bus head on. the car traveled backwards more than 40 feet before it caught fire in the eastbound lane. firefighters used the jaws of life to pull two people out of the car. anderson died at the hospital. a 14-year-old passenger is in the hospital tonight in stable condition. the bus driver and eight
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passengers were not seriously hurt. and there's been an arrest in that murder in parkville that we told you about. 25-year-old hayward tries has been charged in the stabbing death of jones. jones was a security guard. police say tries was one of several people who joined in a brawl that started as a fight between two women. jones was stabbed several times while trying to break up the fight. >> you know on a day like today you woke in the big apple you grab breakfast, you ran around central park and then you saw a tornado. that doesn't fit the new york scene. scene in brooklyn and scene in queens. tornadoes touching down minutes apart. here's ginger ski. >> look, a tornado. >> not only is that a tornado, but it's a tornado in new york city, one of two that ripped through queens and brooklyn, the first around 11 a.m. on water and then hitting land
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with 70 miles per hour winds. roofs were ripped off and debris went flying everywhere. >> just 15 seconds of intense wind, white noise, things crashing all around me. >> 7 minutes later the same storm formed a new tornado packing wind of up to 100 miles per hour ripping through brooklyn. today while erasing the evidence, it was still hard to grasp what had hit them. >> now is the cleanup. i started early this morning. i'm almost done, but thank god we're okay. >> 13 other states from south carolina to maine were rocked by damaging winds. some of the hardest hit the nation's capital. more than 200,000 customers reported power outages. >> wow. we had windage, dealing with some gusty winds and parashottages. here's the shot at downtown. it is a beautiful looking skyline out there, mostly clear
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skies. look at the temperatures, 65 in town right now. 63 in ocean city. look out towards the west, pittsburg at 56, 57 in altoona. some really cool air starting to come into place. this is our forecast going into tomorrow morning. it's a cool brisk start at 60 degrees. 70 by lunchtime. really perfect conditions for your monday afternoon, and we'll get into the 70s during the course of your afternoon. double trouble in the atlantic. two systems that we'll talk about and your seven-day forecast coming up. in democrat 2012 news, president obama back at the white house tonight. he returned this evening after a weekend campaign swing through florida, one of the biggest of the battleground states. in 58 days america will head to the polls. the race is expected to hinge on independent voters in a few swing states. here's ann compton. >> at the last stop on his two- day battleground state tour, president obama told the west
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palm beach crowd that his fate is in their hands. >> if we win palm beach county we will win florida, and if we win florida, we win this election. >> the republican challenger mitt romney, it was obamacare and what sounds like backing off the pledge for full repeal. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform. there are a number of things i like in health care reform i'm going to put in place. one is to make sure those with preexisting conditions can get coverage. >> before the republican convention a gallop poll had romney at 47% and president obama at 46. now the gallop daily tracking poll shows the president with a 5 point lead over governor romney. republicans are ramping up their efforts in wisconsin. >> here in wisconsin, we're not better off under president obama. >> governor romney went to church in massachusetts after hammering home his own economic message. >> with this -- if this president's reelected you're going to see high unemployment for another four years or
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longer. >> president obama accuses his opponent of fuzzy math. >> governor romney said he wouldn't take a deal with $10 of spending cuts for $1 of revenue increases and the problem is the math or the arithmetic as president clinton said doesn't add up. >> amp compton abc news traveling with the obama campaign in florida. it was bumper to bumper yesterday in frederick and traffic was at a standstill for hours and misery loves company. the destation crumbling fogs and parking an absolute nightmare for thousands who showed up. the county played host to the tough mudder event. it was plagued with problems, mudders, an intense obstacle course in the mud, they're held all over the world. posters called this a disaster. they got through yesterday's events but mudder officials canceled to's competitions
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citing flooding, traffic and parking concerns and also inconsistent support from local authorities they say. but frederick police said the traffic volume was too high, and there just was not enough parking. officials say they if they weren't able to participate they will be e-maid about refunds. big monday downtown for the ravens game, the winningest olympian of them all michael phelps going to be honored. the governor and mayor going to be down there saluting our olympians. it will start tomorrow at 4 along are michael, suzanne, it will be jessica long, mark keith price will be down there, rebecca myers will be honored. the grand finale will include confetti, nonfire. you're all invited for that one. >> what a turnout. everybody does it on vacation. you've seen their friends and their pictures, way up there,
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over the ocean. yeah, they're being pulled by a boat but this is going to ground you in a hurry after you see this report about parasailing. >> and is this the end of the deal, tonight the success of groupon is unraveling. what has you complaining. >> and a pretty picture out there, take a look, 65 degrees in town right now. some spots could be in the 40s. we'll take a look at that seven- day forecast coming up in just about 60 seconds. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more.
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a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. along the growing number of beaches you can see vacationers flying below those parachutes while being pulled by a boat. it is a thrill, but if something goes wrong it can be deadly. you might be surprised to learn there's virtually no oversight at all. here's ron claiborne. >> august 2007, 15-year-old amber white and her older sister crystal, 17 on vacation
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in pompano beach florida went para sailing. a storm blew in as you can see in this home video. moments later the towline attached to their parasail snapped and the girls were hurled into the roof of a waterfront hotel. amber was killed. crystal suffered permanent brain damage. >> it was pretty obvious that they were using sub standard equipment because the rope broke. i don't believe it's an accident. i believe it was negligence. >> then last month near the same beach, another horrifying accident. a woman plunged 150 feet to her death after her harness broke. over the past 30 years 429 people have been seriously injured parasailing in the u.s. 72 have died. >> who's going first. >> we recently joined a group heading out to parasail off the coast of new jersey. some had heard about the latest tragedy in florida but were undeterred. >> it doesn't phase you? >> you can't live in fear.
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>> the operator of this boat says he inspecting the equipment regularly, and has never had an accident, but who is watching? >> the equipment used in parasailing is not required to be inspected by any government agency. no agency performs any kind of mandatory inspections of this safety equipment. >> it's been left up to each individual operator to define safety as they see fit without repercussions. >> i'm angered. people keep dying, people keep getting injured. i mean, i lost my child, and my other child will never be the same again. >> for most people parasailing is a thrilling and unforgettable adventure. for this mother it is a gamble not worth taking. ron claiborne abc news belmar new jersey. and speaking of thing high up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane. maybe not a whole plane. it was a huge piece of metal that landed in a normally quiet seattle neighborhood and has a
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lot of people talking tonight. about the size of a refrigerator but it's not. neighbors say they heard a big crash on friday and it turns out it was part of a plane. according to the faa the metal is the landing gear door from a 767, but they're not quite sure where it came from. jamie. >> all right, many of you love groupon don't you. those half price deals for restaurants, hair salons, other services. suddenly groupon is facing complaints from businesses and you. abc2 news consumer report john mat reece looks at the future so you don't waste money. >> investors have noticed, and they're now punishing the company's stock. what's going wrong, and can groupon survive? >> is groupon over? that's what forbes magazine asking. the wall street journal in a front page story says groupon
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members give up after falling sales. it's not a surprise to many people. jason last year told me when he use add groupon for sushi restaurant staffers treated him like dirt. >> they immediately asked are you using groupon. >> amy got a groupon for an outdoor adventure and then learned two people would have to pay for the groupon to be honored. >> and the second person must be a paying customer and that price would be $45. >> so her 35-dollar groupon cost $75. the biggest complaints came from business owners. the owner of an oregon coffee shop blogged that a groupon cost her $8000 and made it impossible for her to meet payroll. with so many businesses refusing to use groupon it's stock prices are falling to an all time low. >> groupon insists it's not it'
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feature called groupon kids where you'll find actual products for sale. many salons and restaurants say they won't be back for seconds. don't waste your money. now maryland's most accurate forecast. >> what a beautiful day across the area. we'll take you to frederick county. take a look at this shot. a mixture of sunshine and clouds during the course of the evening, nice dark sky, mostly clear skies and frederick county's numbers falling into the 50s. here's the shot downtown and as of 11 it's 65 degrees. look at the humidity value at 61%. we have near bone dry moisture levels in e atmosphere, and that's going to make for a pleasant feel over the next several days. 65 in town. frederick at 61. a few reports stations showing into the 50s. hagueers down 62. you go to the west, oak hasn't at 62. we got this wind coming out of
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the northwesterly direction. -- the dew point values running into the 50s in comparison so what we were dealing with last week with the dew points in the 70s. we'll wake up tomorrow morning at 60. on our way for 70 at lunchtime. daytime highs will stay in the 70s for most o. of the day. wall to wall sunshine. this high pressure that's going to be built in is going to lock us into a good feel. storm view not much happening, a few showers well off towards the new england coastline. but you look out towards the east and see we are mow do d is in here, this is tropical storm leslie that's starting to go to extra tropical characteristics. that means it's tapping into cooler air, but it's expanding. also seeing very rough surf over the new england coastline back through nova scotia. the good news is this is going to stay towards the north and curve offshore. not a problem for us. what we will be dealing with is
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this front pushing offshore. that deflects leslie to the east. high pressure builds in as we head into tomorrow afternoon. that takes us into friday. some good weather with temperatures in the 70s. future trends showing us temperatures falling into the 50s tonight. a few spots upper 40s north and west of i-70. and then tomorrow sunshine, cool, temperatures in the 70s. should be around 80 this time of year, so we'll actually be below average, and look at the future trend temperatures going into tomorrow night. upper 40s to around 51 in the city. it's going to be a really chilly feel towards the north and west. again, chilly nights, warm afternoons. tonight mostly clear, cool tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. we're going to call it some kind of wonderful. what do you think of that. 77 degrees here. here's your seven-day forecast. we have a great game set up, we'll probably have a win
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right. 77 going down. >> probably? >> probably. >> well, okay. okay. we'll have a win. 65 around game time down to 50 for tomorrow night. we'll go 77 on tuesday. we'll finally crack into the 80s by thursday and friday. we look dry right up until about sunday with temperatures into the 80s. >> it's not cooling off too quick though. >> hold on. >> this is a nice settled change. i don't like the dramatics. lots of first responders today, but this was not an emergency call. it was a call for a celebration. firefighters and community members all came together so we could honor the men and women who all keep us safe. there were fire engine lights and fire engine demonstrations, dalmations and even great food, and the parking lot was all full at the fire museum of maryland. great place to hang out. >> before you marry the man of your dreams, make sure he knows the infield fly rule. shows he's smart and can
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explain everything. they're now a double play team for life after getting married friday at camden yards. they got married on the field after the night after the orioles win. on thursday she asked, hey, you want to get married on the field? >> he said, yeah, that pitch went right down the middle. they are honeymooning out in the bullpen. >> she hit a home run. >> how about that. way to go. >> there seems to be a bat in the newsroom. it is true. how did the staff handle a flying visitor, leave it to the guy in -- >> and otters get all the attention, find out how our little ones are fairing tonight, swimming on their own.
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you know in the newsroom we get flies in the soup, birds in the lights, dogs on fridays, but never a bat like this, a bat invaded a newsroom in omaha nebraska. it had been hiding in the building for weeks but decided now is the time to come out, and the guy in graphics became the real batman swatting it to the floor, and the newsroom will not have a fun run from rabies. everybody's safe and sound. >> check out these six little brothers and sisters first being introduced to their new homement it's inside the safari discovery area of great adventures where we'll soon be able to check them out. soon they were swimming off. some of them even under water. the trainers were initially bringing them home for
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overnight feedings. oh, my goodness. great day on the water for the dragon boat races to benefit catholic charities. we raised a lot of money, for christopher's place, our daily bread, 30 some big time businesses like harkins builder, transamerica, pnc brown advisory all got involved. mccarthy said this was an all time turnout. >> that is hard work. >> i feel tired just looking at them. >> thanks to this man. >> you guys got that in. >> yeah, at the last minute you guys had wicked weather but luckily you got it in. we've a beautiful week. weaver going to start at 60. hopefully you'll be watching good morning america. 70 at lunchtime. 77 to 82, man, maybe a shower by sunday? i mean, this is going to be beautiful weather. we go again to the orioles or who do we have in town,. >> tampa. >> all right.
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we'll wrap it all up coming up after the break. :h
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>> 4:00 right here on abc2. >> i'm even going to watch. >> and the ravens tomorrow night. >> yeah,. >> what day it's going to be. >> have a good one. >> anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
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but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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